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Horse Covers, Pile, Flatweave and Tang Dynasty Pottery

Karabagh Horse Cover

I liked this example by John Wertime so much that I ended up making two pages of it one for each of my sites. As one would expect coming from Karabagh this horse cover has similarities to Shahsavan work

The Wertime 19th C. Karabagh Horse Cover

The Wertime Karabagh Horse Cover

Shahsavan embroidered saddle cover circa 1900 Lot 30

Senneh Horse Cover

This is an excellent example of a Sen'ie Kurd Herati pattern horse cover.

Langauer Senneh kilim horse cover circa 1870

Yomut Horse Cover

The Yomut are a Turkmen tribe that spent the Safavid period as a vassal of the Persians.

Yomud Horse Cover circa 1900 From Hazara Gallery

Yomut Turkmen tainaksha (horse cover) about 1910-20

The W&W Yomut Turkmen tainaksha (horse cover)

Afshar Horse Cover

After the unsuccessful Afshar revolt against the Safavid Shah in the late 16th century Shah Abbas moved many of the Afshan to Kerman.

Afshar Horse Cover From Kerman Province ca. 1900

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